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Decolonial Dive with Amada Barrios

Photo of host Amada with cover images of the book club selections

Considering history is what Amada lives and breathes- is it a surprise this is his first book club?


This season's titles are:

  • Discourse on Colonialism by Aime Cesaire

  • Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano

  • Central America’s Forgotten History by Aviva Chomsky

This season the meeting dates are:

  • 9/4/2022

  • 10/2/2022

  • 11/6/2022

These books, and the discussions we will be engaging in, will be focused on creating a more holistic understanding of US/European imperialism and colonialism– and its implications in Latin America and the world today. If you’re a complete beginner to Latin American history or a seasoned vet, this book club is for you! 

This club is for anyone with an interest in understanding how to critically look at history and systems of exploitation, and knowing where to look for accessible and reliable information.

Your membership to this book club includes: 

  • A copy of each book your club is reading

  • A Midtown Reader gift

  • A special gift your book club leader will pick for you

  • Free home delivery or shipping

  • A discount at Argonaut Cafe during book club meetings

  • A chance to meet and chat with other book lovers!

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