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FERAL FLORIDA with Kristin Kehl

There's nothing quite like summer in Florida. And we don't mean the white sandy beaches, suntan lotion, and margaritas by the pool, kind of summer in Florida. We mean the thighs sticking to vinyl seats, gnats landing in room temp beer, and delirious inducing heatwaves kind of summer in Florida. You know the kind. Kristin knows the kind. This book club knows the kind. 

This season's titles are:

  • Milk Blood Heat by Dantiel Moniz
  • Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett
  • The Thing About Florida by Tyler Gillespie

These three books encapture the swampy, sweaty, summer that only Floridians can come to think of with something resembling fondness. A mix of short stories, fiction, and personal essays, these books are searing against the backdrop of the Sunshine State. They're weird, they're wild, and they're just so, so, Florida. Come spend the summer in the swamp with us!

This season the meeting dates are:

  • 6/12/2022
  • 7/17/2022
  • 8/14/2022

Your membership to this book club includes: 

  • A copy of each book your club is reading

  • A Midtown Reader gift

  • A special gift your book club leader will pick for you

  • Free home delivery or shipping

  • A discount at Argonaut Cafe during book club meetings

  • A chance to meet and chat with other book lovers!

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