Book Fairs

Support local business while you support your school with our book fairs!

Midtown Reader can host your school book fair! Families can shop at your school and online during the book fair dates and Midtown Reader will donate 15% of the proceeds to the school.


It's no news to educators that book fairs can be an excellent way to raise money for your school while you promote a love of reading in your students! Midtown Reader is excited to be able to offer book fair services to our local schools. If you're thinking about running a book fair with Midtown Reader, here's what you need to know:

Why choose Midtown Reader?

Besides being a local option for purchasing books, Midtown Reader offers a lot of flexibility and range that only indies can do! We hand curate inventory to fit your school and your students. We have lots of freedom to bring to life whatever you envision for your book fair!

When can you run a book fair?

We host book fairs in the fall and in the spring. We recommend running your book fair over the course of several days, ideally at least one full school week. When you reach out to us, it's very helpful to have 2-3 possible date ranges so we can find one that matches our store's availability. 

How does it work? 

In addition to setting up a physical book fair at your school, Midtown Reader will provide a webpage with your school's information and book lists the week of your book fair.  Families will be able to choose school pick up, in-store pickup, or shipping at checkout.  The school will be given a unique code to use as a “COUPON” for online sales. and must mention they are with “____” school book fair when shopping in-store.  The website also contains a “DONATE” button for families that may want to make an extra donation to the school

What will we need to provide?

Once you have a date confirmed, we will request the following from the school:

          •  Logo – if you have one and want us to, we can add it to the Book Fair page for a personal touch!

          •  Any specific language/copy you want us to use to describe the event on the website that might be different from the standard language (e.g., if funds are being used for a specific purpose, or the school is promoting a reading program, etc.)

          • Teacher Wish Lists – if you want! At least 2 weeks prior to the event, you'll send books that teachers would love for their classroom and people can purchase them for individual teachers.

          • Optional – at least 2 days before the event – any handouts, raffle items, signs, etc. that you might want to have out in the store during the event

And then you get your money!

Families must use the Online COUPON CODE at checkout on the website or tell us they are with “____ School Book Fair” when shopping in-store. All sales of any books, gifts or other items purchased by your school families will count toward the book fair donation.

The school/PTA will receive 15% of all pre-tax sales generated through the Book Fair, and 100% of any donations made via the “Donate” button.