Clifton Savoy with SHADES OF COLOR

Join Midtown Reader and Clifton Savoy as we discuss his newest release Shades of Color

About the book:
Shades of Color, these true, heart-warming stories, set in the bloody and divisive 1960s, reveal the ultimate solution to ALL human conflict -- The Agape Love of God. The book was based on the true, heart-warming stories of the first individuals of color to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University, a mostly white school and western Great Plains area. Tough racial questions were asked. The time period was the 1960s, one of the bloodiest and deadliest in the United States since the Civil War. The observations, though, are as applicable today.

We were shades of color: red, black, brown, yellow, and white. We were Muscogee-Creek, Asian, Cherokee, Choctaw, Mohawk, Blacks, Osage, European, Mid-Eastern, Persian, Spanish, Comanche, Delaware, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Navajo, African but, primarily, white.

We were students, faculty, and staff of a small university located on the Salt Fork River along the northwest border of Oklahoma. Yet, compared to many areas of the country around us, our lives were mostly calm and peaceful, like in the eye of a violent and destructive hurricane. ... Why?

Answers are revealed in Shades of Color. Let their heart-warming messages speak to you. A gauntlet of emotions will occur-laughter, sorrow, tears, and joy.

About the author:
Clifton Savoy was born and raised in western Oklahoma, called the 'Panhandle,' an area once known as 'No Man's Land' before statehood. He's a graduate of Northwestern OSU, class of 1967. He and wife, Judith, now live in Tallahassee, Florida, but he has never forgotten those roots. Now, he is following his passion-to bring life to stories that deserve to be resurrected from the ashes of history, and not altered with time. ... Shades of Color is one of them, and it's an honor to bring these heart-tugging memories back to life. Check his author website for information of other stories, or just send a 'Howdy.' Or, come, sit a spell by his campfire, and share your stories. Coffee's usually perking

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Thursday, November 3, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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1123 Thomasville Rd
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Published: Savoyhouse, LLC - November 20th, 2021