Married to It

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Bob and Gail Knight arrived in Tallahassee in the 1970's from different places and with different goals. Fresh off working with Gerald Ford in Washington DC as a High School page, Bob thought he was destined for a future in politics. As one of the first women admitted to West Point, Gail knew she was destined for groundbreaking work as a female professional. Individually, they were ready for success. But they didn't find greatness until they met each other, and became Married To It. 

This is the story of how twenty-something entrepreneurs rose from taking sorority party pics at Florida State University and built the largest event photography company in the world. They did it by investing in each other, both as partners in marriage and in business.

Along the way they worked alongside and learned from titans of global commerce, leaders of nations and institutions of higher education, and an army of part time employees they shaped into one of the finest groups of photographic and logistical professionals in the country.

As pioneers of the graduation photography market, Bob and Gail, along with their dynamic team, invented new protocols and technologies that would shape the industry in ways that are still felt today. Their heartfelt, professional and hilariously irreverent story is a must read for anyone interested in business, marriage, entrepreneurship, and balancing a healthy family life, both in business and at home. 

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