Nobody Kills Uncle Buster and Gets Away With It

SKU: 9781947536074

By Susan Koehler

Cover illustrated by Shelby Koehler

When Sam Parsons’s great-uncle Buster dies, the twelve-year-old’s world is turned upside down. His mother drags him away from his friends – and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hang with Joey Sabatini, Sam’s ticket to the inner circle of an NFL team – to a remote North Carolina town to see to Uncle Buster’s funeral arrangements. Sam soon suspects that Uncle Buster’s death was not caused by a heart attack, but by something more sinister. From the aunt who is in a hurry to sell Uncle Buster’s property to real estate developers, to the shady neighbor and even the lady who delivered Uncle Buster’s meals, the potential suspects are abundant. How can Sam prove what happened and who did it?

Susan Koehler is the author of four professional development resources for teachers and six books for children. Dahlia in Bloom, her first novel for young readers, received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and a gold medal in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association President's Book Awards. When not writing, Susan can be found enjoying outdoor activities with her adventurous husband or spending as much time as possible with her five very busy children and two adorable grandchildren. Contact Susan at or

Turtle Cove Press
August 1st, 2021
Middle Grade Fiction

Price: $14.95