Staff Picks!


Want to know what our booksellers are reading?

Drop into the store on any given day and our booksellers will happily talk your ear off about what they think you should read next! But you're not in the store, are you? So what can we do? 

We know! We'll introduce you to all our staff and if you see someone with similar tastes, just click the link to see what books they're obsessed with this month!

Sally Bradshaw - Owner and mystery lover!

Sally Bradshaw opened Midtown Reader in 2016 in response to the dumbing down of America as manifested by the overuse of the exclamation mark (just joking!)  Our bookstore is the realization of a lifelong dream.  You can find Sally in the mystery, thriller, Southern gothic, or non-fiction-that- reads-like-fiction sections.

Click here to see her staff picks!

Kristin Kehl: Manager, Fearless Leader, Poetry Buff, Literary Fiction

Kristin is the Manager of Midtown Reader, a poet who says some delightfully unpoetic things, and an extremely (un)reliable narrator. She's also a Tallahassee local, an FSU English alum, and a recovering barista. She cannot make up her mind about what she is partial to, but others will say it is poetry, literary fiction, and any book with some messy, queer chaos. 

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Caylee Wilson: Events Guru, YA Lover, Marvel Fanatic, Mom to Kody Cat

Caylee Wilson is our Event Director who handles all things events and author visits. She is a lover of Marvel, horror movies, and her tail-less cat Kody! You can often find her reading the latest YA release or watching Criminal Minds and maybe working out. Fun fact, Caylee comes from a big family with over 10 siblings! 

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Jill Hart: Bookseller, Former Teacher, Empty Nester, Suspense & Historical Fiction

Jill is a former middle school teacher, so she knows a great kids book when she sees it! These days, though, she's more into reading mystery, suspense, and historical fiction. She's also the driving force behind our mystery book club! 

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Elizabeth Bussey: Bookseller, Southern Gothic, Contemporary & Historical Fiction

Elizabeth enjoys tennis, rage vacuuming, and receiving gifts. Feel free to order her some books while you're here!

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Matt Dailey: Bookseller, Nonfiction, Queer Lit, Baseball fan

Matt is very serious long-winded, dramatic, and excitable. Don't ask him about Lit Fic. DO ask him about baseball and rap memoirs. 

Click here to see his staff picks!

Hannah: Bookseller, Most Likely to Survive a Hight Fantasy Novel

Hannah is a very mysterious bookseller. It's said she lives with several cats. And oh! You like her pants? She made those! Anyway, if you were stuck in the faerie realm, there's no bookseller better equipped to help get you out. 

Click here to see her staff picks!

Johana-Marie: Bookseller, Loves a good romance, maker of things

Johana-Marie's bullet journal contains everything you might want to know! This crafty bookseller also hosts our bullet journal workshops and our romance book cub! She loves romance, poetry, speculative fiction and sci-fi.

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Gina: Bookseller, Cat Mom, Postmodernism, D&D Player

Gina requests that everyone breaks the first rule about Fight Club and asks her about it. She's either reading something super dark or super fun and fantasy-focused at any time. When she isn't reading, she's probably playing D&D or video games, and/or snuggling up with her cat Daffy (you may have heard her meows in store!).

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Lucy Smith

Lucy openly weeps every time she reads Things by Lisel Mueller. Her goal is to buy every outlandish salt and pepper shaker set known to man. She loves children's picture books, graphic novels, cheesy romances, and (most) unreliable narrators. 

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